On November 4th 2008 the voters in Pasadena passed the $350 million Measure TT bond initiative to repair and upgrade Pasadena Unified School District’s aging and deteriorating campuses.
Full Text of Ballot Measure TT


Measure TT Objectives
  • Make all school campuses safe, secure, and accessible
  • Provide equal access to high-quality learning and recreational facilities
  • Enhance student and teacher access to technology
  • Use green technology for healthy and efficient buildings
  • Ensure strict independent oversight and accountability
  • Most Campuses are between 50-70 years old
  • One Local Bond in the past 40 years to repair or upgrade schools
  • Infrastructure does not meet modern educational needs
PUSD Facilities Priorities
  • Health, safety, and code repairs
  • Electrical, plumbing, and building repairs
  • Build or upgrade learning spaces, e.g. labs, libraries
  • Finish projects not completed or undertaken in the last plan
  • District-wide improvements
Transparency & Accountability
  • Annual report to the public
  • Public website to track progress on all projects
  • Long Term facilities master plan, updated quarterly and annually
  • Independent citizens oversight commission mandated by law to monitor allocation of bond funds
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